Tunes Tuesday

Little late on starting our game stream, however I was done with work early today so I managed to get the warm em ups in already.
Show is uploaded finally. Wasn’t feeling great yesterday so I crashed hard after work.

Will try to do a show tomorrow night or Friday considering we have a major US holiday this Thursday… with recent events, I feel it’s necessary to have as much family time as possible.

Anyhoo! We did one hell of a hard house show last week! Please enjoy!

Episode 277 – UK Hard House
1. AJ Company – Last Goodbye (Charlie Goddard 2019 Remix)
2. Garbie Project – Blow That Whistle (Extended Mix)
3. Chillymouse – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Timster & Ninth Remix)
4. DJ Pulse & Joh Mirren – Fall Apart
5. T-Jay – Where Ever You Go
6. Tribute Vocals – Material Girl (Orignal Mix)
7. Bounce Enforcerz – Do You Think Of Me (DJ Laura & DJ Oskar 2019 Rework)
8. Energy Syndicate & Unit 13 – Alright (Original)
9. Zac F – I Feel Everything (Joe Longbottom Remix)
10. Pants & Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Ben Stevens Remix)
11. Dave Owens – Skyline
12. Jeff Payne – Turbulent Effect (Rick James Remix)
13. Ilogik & Trauma – Give Yourself To Me
14. KB Project Feat Nikki – Wonderful Life
15. Garbie Project – Dust (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)
16. Dan Bentick – Just Like That
17. System F – Out of the Blue (Original Extended Mix)
18. NG Rezonance – Prometheus (Costa Pantazis Remix)
19. Costa Pantazis – Apex – Extended Mix
20. Paul Bassmant – Evening Stone
21. T-Jay – I Wont Let You Go
In Memory of Monica Smicker

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