Centrifugal Force returns next Thursday!

It’s been a CRAZY month so far! Moving is such a pain, but thanks to all of my awesome friends and folks… it was pretty good. Still ironing out the kinks with the internet up here and getting the studio setup… but the show SHOULD be back in about a week!

Thanks everyone for your patience with me! It will be GREAT to get back on the air!

Info, mini-rant, and thanks

Hey guys! Just so all of you know, I am moving very soon… therefore I have decided to put the show on the back burner until I’m moved and organized. It’s going to be a bit of work and the show really does take up a lot of my time. I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve been putting it off, but this directly impacts my main source of income.

In response to a comment I recently received, my DJ’ing is NOT a source of income and is only a hobby for me. I do this because I love to share music with folks and have supported this all on my own…. from my own pocket! As much as I’d love DJ’ing to be my job… I’m still working hard on that, I need another source of income. So if your all pissed off because Zing needs time off again to do something instead of the show, tough. Sorry to be harsh there but my career affects my DJ’ing…. all that equipment didnt buy itself ya know!

Lastly, thanks again for everyone who came to my set Saturday night last week! I had a fantastic time and have only heard good things about my set! I hope to return next year and start finally playing out more! The show WILL return! I’ll never stop doing it… just please be patient with me in the meantime! Keep those requests, shouts, PR, and support coming! I owe all of you so much for everything over the years!

If it wasnt for all of you, I’d just be here playing music by myself!