New shows uploaded!

DJZingOfficial -> Facebook gets first dibs for fans!

Mix Cloud & the archives will be updated soon after!

Hope you continue to enjoy the music

#TranceThursday just wont stop!

#TranceThursday is back once again! See you tomorrow night!!!

9PM*EST here or on Mixify! You can tune in either way!

Thank you folks!

Thank you for tuning in for our soft vocals this week! If you havent already downloaded the Valentines Day set, please check out the posts! I’ll have the usual site updated a bit later on.
Also mixcloud!
Have a great weekend!

Vocal Valentines Day mix & Soft Vocals Return!

Keeping with our vocal trend… we’ll be breaking out the softer side tomorrow night!
Centrifugal Force pres. Soft Vocals tomorrow evening: 9PM*EST on Mixify!
In case you missed the link on the other social media sites:

We’re behind again, but I have a free weekend coming up

Again so much thanks to Setsucon, the staff, my AV crew, my lighting guy, and EVERYONE who came to see me!

By some demand, I may play the Setsucon sent in it’s entirety tomorrow night following some UK Hardcore.

9PM*EST on Mixify!!!