Going back once more

9PM*EST TONIGHT! Come back in time as we re-visit the roaring 20’s! Electro Swing this evening on the Centrifugal Force via Mixify!

OK so you like Electro Swing and Classic House…

and here I thought you guys liked Electro Swing… dear lord! What a turnout for Classic House! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!
See you next Thursday!!!

Please let me know if you like to hear more of this! I will be more than happy to accommodate!!!

Classic House throwback!

They know what is what but they dont know what is what….
Classic house tomorrow night! 9PM*EST on mixify!


What a great extended show! Thank you everyone for tuning in! See you next week for house next Thursday night! 9PM*EST!

Trance comes back once again!

Trance, Uplifting, and Vocals this week on the Centrifugal Force! 9PM*EST on mixify! See you tomorrow night!

Who’s Afraid of 138?!