Wow this site still exists?!

I remember why I cant stand updating this site now… wordpress changes and became a crappy WISIWYG. Just not a fan of how I edit this now… HOWEVER I am going to try to be better with more regular updates.

MUCH MUCH MUCH overdue upload:

Centrifugal Force: Episode 317: Trance & Vocal

Episode 317

  1. Hiromori Aso – Future Wings (Extended Mix)
  2. Para X – Arclight (Muhammed El Alami Remix)
  3. Susana & Kojun – Caught In A Memory (Mike Zaloxx Remix)
  4. Klassy Project Feat Audrey Gallagher – When the World Stood Still (Extended Mix)
  5. Artena – Adagio Hearts (Extended Mix)
  6. Pierre Pinar & Rob Dalby – Initiate (Extended Mix)
  7. Dan Stone – Propulsion (Extended Mix)
  8. Code 2 Feat Dierdre McLaughlin – See the Light (Dark Extended Mix)
  9. Temple One & Katty Heath – In Everything I See (Extended Mix)
  10. Roman Messer Feat Christina Novelli – Frozen (Extended Mix)
  11. Activa – Luminosity (Sean Tyas Extended Remix)
  12. JES – Wish You Were Here (Robert Nickson Extended Remix)
  13. Steve Dekay – Marvellous (Extended Mix)
  14. Corrado Baggeri, Gid Sedgewick – Heart of a Lion (Extended Mix)
  15. Billy Gilles – Nostalgia (Extended Mix)
  16. Allan Morrow – Disengage (Extended Mix)
  17. Ralphie B – The Raid (Extended Mix)
  18. Alex Wright – Mirai (Extended Mix)
  19. Rhys Elliot – Fractured (Extended Mix)
  20. Derek Ryan, Jen Wood – Moments (Extended Mix)
  21. Allen Watts – GDL (Yoshi & Razner Extended Mix)

Jonathan Lockwood Huie
“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

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