Thank you again! Big up to everyone!!!

Thank you everyone for tuning into the Centrifugal Force! See you next week for another great show! Stay tuned for my 2 year anniversary spectacular coming up in May!!!

Vocal Trance TONIGHT! 8-10PM (EST)

Vocal Trance show tonight! Pre-show starting at 8PM, Live mix starting at 9! Times Eastern! Right here on!

Vocal Trance this Thursday!

Centrifugal Force: This week – Vocal Trance!!! Thursday night 8-10 PM (EST) right here on!

WHAT-A-SHOW # 2!!!

Centrfugal Force – WHAT-A-SHOW! That’s 2 in a row!!! Amazing! Thanks for all the support and see you next week!

Special thanks for all the new listeners this week! Thank you to my brother George for tuning in live all the way from Japan!!!

UK Hard House show TONIGHT!!!

UK Hard House show starting at 9PM (EST)… but until then, click below to see what you’ve been missing!



WOW! What a show! Thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll see you when I get back from Vegas!!!

Tomorrow night – ALL NEW UK Hardcore show!!!

Tomorrow night on Centrifgual Force: ALL NEW UK Hardcore show! Did my new records come in?! HELL NO! But I managed to find the stuff I needed! 8-10PM (EST) on!

Addendum: One more show!

THIS week will be the last show before I go to Las Vegas! Sorry about the mixup! I suppose I just want to go THAT BAD!