Zenkaikon 2014 footage

EDIT: The first 6 videos are up! I am keeping them off YouTube to avoid copyright issues (because the music I’m playing isnt mine)
Some of the audio is a bit rough, but this was our first AV recording that went full tilt. We’ll get a better system down for future shows. To remedy this, I have also included a link to the raw audio file recording for you to enjoy as well. There will be more videos coming soon, they are taking time to compile. Thank you for your patience with these and apologies again for being so late:

Raw audio file
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Zenkaikon Videos from Saturday night… remember these?
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Zenkaikon 2014 Full Audio Recording

Please click here to download and enjoy!

Videos are still uploading!… they are HUGE :p

Better late than never!

Better late than never! The first 3 videos go up tonight! Stay tuned!
Again big apologies for the delay on these things

Zenkaikon Video – Next week

I spoke to my AV guy and he said he could render the video. He estimates that it will be ready for posting by next week.

Thank you for your patience!

I’ll be back in September… here’s what happened

I’ve been receiving various messages from you guys about “what happened? wheres the footage from Zenkaikon” etc”

I feel I owe everyone an explanation of what happened to me over the summer (I’ll keep it short):

Shortly after the convention, I was scheduled to move into a larger house, which made me pack up 90% of my home… including the studio. This house fell through which, in turn, lead to another house… then another… then another. I never thought I’d have so much of an issue finding a suitable place to move to as I did.

“But why didnt you unpack?”

With so many possible houses becoming available and then falling through… I needed to be ready to move at any time one would have worked out. Trust me, it has absolutely SUCKED this summer being idle. I havent done any performances, shows, etc. and I feel bad for letting the con footage slip. We dont have the proper equipment here to render it and we had a long disconnect with the other AV guy that currently has all the footage…

I just contacted him, and hopefully he’ll send over his render before he’s deployed (he’s in the Army).

Granted this is not acceptable, I know many of you are still anticipating the full video. Hopefully I’ll have better news about it in a few days. I WILL return in September with the shows, and with a new image as well. The worst is, that was one of the best events that I did this year… so I feel extra crappy there isnt the full footage up like I originally thought.

I hope you guys can understand and just give me a bit more time. I’ll make this up to you with an even more consistent musical experience to come in September.

Thank you for all the emails! KEEP ME HONEST!