It’s been another busy month on my end…personal stuff, work, and life happenings etc.

However I’d like to announce some much needed changes here for the shows and myself to continue to be successful.

We’re going to be moving away from Mixify to a better known platform. The platform isnt very stable, I’m paying for it, and unfortunately its not very well known. I’ve been suggested Twitch, Facebook streaming, or YouTube streaming. This will take some time and research to do well, and until then I’ll be taking a break from the shows to get everything setup solid. I also plan to start doing some paid advertising to expand my listener base online. I have some other offers pending from folks to have my broadcasts aired on their stations.

Production needs to happen for me to get anywhere. I’ve stopped watching TV after work and need to get this done… period.

Local gigs and smaller venues will be kept to a private only audience so far. Same with conventions.

Thank you for the continued support over the years. It’s time to step things up for real!