Closed for Thanksgiving!

Centrifugal Force is closed for Thanksgiving! Have a nice holiday everyone! Be safe!
We’ll be back the following week 🙂

Thanks and see you next week!

Thanks for tuning in tonight! Big shout to the guys at the @Breadboard Bakery for contributing to the show!
See you next Thursday night! UK Hardcore!

House and Electro tonight!

9PM*EST – House and Electro! Tune in and bounce!

Tomorrow’s show + Status

Setting up that show thing for tomorrow! Centrifugal Force studio getting warmed up! See you tomorrow night at 9PM*EST on mixify!

Also the re-brand is finally in progress! I got in touch with a new designer and we have started reviewing my old notes about how I want things to change! Its just a matter of time now. Thanks for being patient. I’m confident all of you will love the new look and feel!

Episode 163!

Missed last night’s show? Listen here!

See you next Thursday!

9PM*EST on mixify once again! Getting back on track and continuing our rotation with old school house. Thanks for tuning in!


Centrifugal Force returns tonight after a very overdue hiatus! Please join me at 9PM*EST on Mixify to celebrate the return to the airwaves!

Ready for next Thursday!

Thanks for helping me test today folks!

We’re doing our official comeback special next Thursday from 9-?PM*EST

On Mixify! See you soon!

Trial run – This Thursday – Official comeback the following

Thursday 9-6-14 I’ll be doing a trial run show from 9-10PM (the shows new official time) in preparations for a much longer comeback special next Thursday. Via mixify this time guys!

Please join me as I return to the airwaves. I really look forward to entertaining for you each week once again 🙂