Thanks – Rotation Continues next week!

Thanks for tuning in! See you next week for UK Hardcore!

Feed is up! Procaster ONLY!

Click on “Watch the show” to tune in from now on. Since winamp is being so un-reliable I am no longer using it until I find something else. Sorry for the inconvienence! Enjoy the show! We’re live at 9PM!!!


Show delays

The feed will be live and on time for 9PM tonight, however… I might be a tad late getting the feed up for 7PM! I had an event today during the day and am just home and unpacking my gear! Please bear with me!



Centrifugal Force – END OF THE WORLD SPECIAL! Exclusive 4 hour non-stop best of Vocal Trance mix! 7-11 Dec 20th! Either be here as a special in studio audience or tune in… if we’re going out, we’re going out with trance!

Oh yes… there will be music… and booze!


ATTENTION! I will be doing a special “End of the World” show Dec 20th! I’m still debating on formats and stuff… but I’m open for suggestions. I might end up mixing Heart 4 again that night. Thoughts?

SEE YOU FOR THE END!!! – Stay tuned for special showtimes!

Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks for tuning in albeit winamp technical issues. See you after the Thanksgiving holiday! (Which means no show next week) I know I havent been keeping up on my shows, but stuff happens folks. Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

Technical Issues

Winamp is not cooperating anymore and seems to have a very poor reliability. Therefore I am just using the procaster with the video for now as that seems to be working better. Please only use that link from now on. Thank you!


Tomorrow night 7-10PM (EST) Centrifugal Force returns with a multitude of music! Live mix tomorrow is VOCAL TRANCE! Dont miss this show!

The end…

Ok all Winamp issues considering… we had a great turnout for this exclusive mix.
I must say that my heart has successfully been captured on audio.
If this doesnt work I dont know what will…
See you Thursday ->

Will try to work out the winamp issues for Thursday’s show!

Exclusive mix Live at 9PM (EST)

Procaster and sound feed are LIVE! Please choose either of the new buttons above to hear and watch or just hear the show!

This is going to be a ONE NIGHT ONLY exclusive mix with no commentary. Enjoy!