Old shows remixed!

Episodes 4 and 5 are next on the list of remixed shows. Do you guys enjoy hearing the old shows redone in a better way? Let me know!
Recordings are up in the usual locations!

Trance Show is up! Electro Swing possibly this week

Episode 220 is up in the usual spots! Thanks for tuning in and supporting extra life 🙂

Going to try and electro swing show this week! Otherwise, I’ll see what else I can scrounge up!


Extra Life? Half off subscriptions!

Might be doing some kinda DJ related thing for the extra life charity. Need to see about getting into that and what I’ll do…maybe a marathon DJ set?

Also, subscribers are half off this month for my twitch channel! This would help keep the shows going and save you guys some coin too! You can even help out if you have amazon prime by pitching in with the free sub through that 🙂
All support is appreciated!

New mix has been uploaded in the usual places!