TranceThursday & Pre Christmas Schedule

Last week’s Trance show is up and ready for all to enjoy. Pouring another drink tomorrow evening for our Zing bar chat session which seemed to go over really well last week!
Here’s hoping we keep getting more thirsty patrons willing to share a drink and an evening.

We will not be having a show this Thursday due to holiday events.
I will, however, try to get some semblance of an “end of year” special in when I have some downtime, so please stay tuned!

Episode 279 – Trance Thursday
1. Steve Allen, Sara Russell, XiJaro & Pitch – Shadow of Myself (Extended Mix)
2. Key4050 – Exposure
3. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Moscow River (Extended Mix)
4. Hydra & The Thrillseekers – Aurelia (Extended Mix)
5. Cold Blue – Colors (Extended Mix)
6. Maria Healy – Not Today (Extended Mix)
7. Peter Santos & Michele C – Ride of a Lifetime (Peter Santos Extended Mix)
8. Daxon – Sonder (Extended Mix)
9. Junk Project & Talla 2XLC – Omnia (Extended Mix)
10. Alexander Popov Feat Natalie Gioia – Disarm Me (ARDI Extended Mix)
11. Elevenn & Ruben De Ronde – Shadow of Us Feat Lara (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Bogdan Vix Extended Mix)
12. C-Systems – Never Alone (Extended Mix)
13. Christopher Corrigan – To Save Me (Extended Mix)
14. Marcus Schulz & Talla 2XLC – Mainhattan (Extended Mix)
15. Hazrain Norman – Syton (digital Rush Extended Mix)
16. Para X & Simon Pitt – Pure Energy (Extended Mix)
17. Renegade System – Hedgehog (Extended Mix)
18. Daniel Skyver – Deluge
19. Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In (Drival Remix)
20. Gareth Emery – Call To Arms Feat Evan Henzy (Extended Remix)
21. Metta & Glide – Elysian (Extended Mix)
22. Darren Porter & RAM Feat Natalie Gioia – One Million Seconds (Billy Giles Remix)
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Disco & The Zing Bar

Episode 278 from last week is now posted for #TunesTuesday

Tonight we’re trying something new and opening up the Zing Bar to the internet. Folks are welcome to tune in, share a drink and a quiet conversation. We’ll see how things go…
See you this Thursday for more of our normal musical entertainment

Episode 278 – Disco House
1. Colour Castle, Doorly & Misingo – Jaspers Keys (TAYA Remix)
2. Goom Gum – It’s A Lot (Extended Mix)
3. The Master of Sensations – I Can Feel It
4. Mark Lower – Express Yourself
5. Michael Gray – Brother Brother Feat Kimberly Brown (Club Mix)
6. Angelo Ferreri, Bel-Ami & Moon Rocker – From Disco To Disco
7. Serge Funk – You and I (Original)
8. Juan Di Lago – It’s Over
9. Garage Disco Band – When I Let You Down
10. Captain Morgan – Let It Go
11. The Vision – Heaven Feat Andrea Triyana (Danny Krivit Edit)
12. C Da Afro – Coconuts
13. Kevin McKay & Start The Party – Dont Leave Me This Way (Extended Mix)
14. Disco Junkie – Love Junkie
15. Night Talk & Sharam Jay – Gonna Get You (Teenage Mutants & Purple Disco Machine Remix)
16. Hurlee – Breakfast with Elisa
17. Audio Jacker – Dont Cha
18. Boogie Freaks – Lose Control
19. Crooked Man & Roisin Murphy – Narciccus (At the Disco)
20. Audio Jacker – My Heart
21. Vaudafunk – Love Alone
22. Soulsearcher – Feeling Love (Dr Packers Extended Mix)
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