Trance Marathon Continues

Since we’re still gearing up for Episode 300, we’ve been sticking to Trance for the past few weeks. Also NO BAR show tomorrow night! I have a very early appointment Wednesday that I need to be sharp for! Sorry folks!
Please enjoy last week’s set on our social media pages

1. Signum, Scott Mac – Coming On Strong feat. Scott Mac (ReOrder Extended Remix)
2. Roxanne Emery, Roman Messer – Lost & Found (Extended Full Fire Mix)
3. Miroslav Vrlik – It’s Your Choice (Extended Mix)
4. Meredith Bull, Steve Allen, Trance Classics – The Love In Your Lies (Extended Mix)
5. Cathy Burton, Mhammed El Alami – Never Fade Away (Extended Mix)
6. Susana – Dark Side of The Moon (Ferry Tayle Extended Mix)
7. HALIENE & MaRLo – Say Hello (Darren Porter Remix)
8. Mark Wild, Eldream – Remember Me (Extended Mix)
9. David Forbes & Susie Ledge – Silent Waves (Extended Mix)
10. Mhammed El Alami & Waltin Jay – Thankful (Extended Mix)
11. Eclipse – Cheers (Extended)
12. Dan Thompson, Solis & Sean Truby – The Path We Take (Extended Mix)
13. Craig Connelly, Tara Louise – Time Machine Feat Tara Louise (Paul Denton Extended Remix)
14. Neev Kennedy – Sail The Stormy Waters (Miikka L Extended Mix)
15. Andrea Ribeca – Sonance (Extended Mix)
16. Talla 2xlc, XiJaro & Pitch – Aniara (Club Mix)
17. Ciaran McAuley – In Memory Of You (Ahmed Romel Extended Remix)
18. Gary Go, John Askew – Smile (Extended Mix)
19. Billy Gillies – Expand (Extended Mix)
20. Yoshi & Razner, Alessandra Roncone – Fight For Life (Extended Mix)
21. Cari & Rene Ablaze – Still Moving On (Extended Mix)

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Happy New Year!

We’re still gearing up for Episode 300

However I have started posting some of our exhibition shows for you guys. Check the links on the social media sites for access 😉
Also we are getting a co host this Friday! I’ll be posting pictures of him once he’s acclimated. You’ll most likely be seeing him on the streams

We are also slowly becoming a trance channel (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I do plan on mixing genres up again once we’re back on official shows!
Huge thank you to the International support and shout to the German fans!

Please enjoy our track listing for the last show of 2020:

Trance Exhibition

1. Leroy Moreno – Fathom Eternal (Original Mix)
2. Daniel Skyver – Symphonic (Original Mix)
3. Sue McLaren, Philippe El Sisi – Haunted 2020 (Extended Mix)
4. Jameson Taylor – Space To Continue (Extended Mix)
5. Amos & Riot Night – Born From Shadows (Extended Mix)
6. Kenny Palmer – Sen’jin (Extended Mix)
7. David Forbes – Randomize (Extended Mix)
8. Adam Taylor – Lost in Paradise (Extended Mix)
9. Stovers & Cooper – Shattered Skies Feat Brooke Woods (Extended)
10. Victor Special – Ode for Light
11. Richard Durand – Tales of a Silhouette (Extended Mix)
12. Binary Ensemble & Fright Nite – Senna (Extended Mix)
13. Prox – Equilibrium
14. Paul Skelton, Danny Eaton – Connection (Extended Mix)
15. James Kitcher & Adam Taylor – Dragon’s Breath (Extended Mix)
16. Joyline Snow – Heart Beating (Original Mix)
17. Allen Watts – High Voltage (Extended Mix)
18. Route Too Far Feat Sarah Howells – Without You (Nitrous Oxide Extended Mix)
19. Susanne Teutenberg & 4 Strings – Ocean Wave (Extended Mix)
20. Hugh Tolland – One (Extended Mix)
21. Alexander Popov – Poem (Extended Mix)

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