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Episode 318

Progressive / Down Tempo D-Nox, Stereo Underground- Dolby Pete Tong & ARTBAT – Age of Love (ARTBAT Rave Remix) NTO & Monolink – Beyond Control (KAS ST Remix – Club Edit) Anyma – Running Feat Meg Meyers Pablo Arbarez – Buddah (Nomas Remix) Paul Thomas, Fuenka & Schieber – Figo (Extended Mix) Above & Beyond […]

Wow this site still exists?!

I remember why I cant stand updating this site now… wordpress changes and became a crappy WISIWYG. Just not a fan of how I edit this now… HOWEVER I am going to try to be better with more regular updates. MUCH MUCH MUCH overdue upload: Centrifugal Force: Episode 317: Trance & Vocal Episode 317 Hiromori […]

Upcoming Live Events

Hey folks! We have some upcoming live / semi-local events for those asking:7-15: PORTAL: Drum N Bass event in Easton, PA TBD: Sango Kura Sake takeover TBD: Musikfest 2023 in Bethlehem, PA

Wonder if anyone actually reads these anymore? XD

Been ages since I’ve updated AGAIN… More than likely going to be looking for a new day job soon and I’m still on a quest to find a permanent home to acquire. Lots of studio updates then! In the meantime, please enjoy a double dose of music! Episode 315 Jkriv & Peter Matson – Bigtime […]

Happy TwosDay!

About time we uploaded something eh? Trying hard this year to get back into the music production thing! Anyways, have a Hard House show! Episode 314 ———— 1. Mikey D – Give It To Me Baby 2. The Bounce Bros Feat Kayleigh O’Neil – Complete (Extended) 3. Charlie Bosh – Get Wicked (VIP Remix) 4. […]

Happy New Year!

We’re back this week with our all new schedule! Here’s hoping we can keep it up. Tuesday: Virtual happy hour / bar show Wednesday: Music or gaming Thursday: DJ live stream Looking to expand a little more and have some more “offline” content for everyone. Hope to see you online again this year!

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re just coming back from our Thanksgiving break here in the states. Hoping everyone celebrating had a nice holiday as well. Back here with more Trance goodness, Episode 313 for all of you to enjoy! Episode 313 ———– 1. Temple One – Protect You (Extended Mix) 2. James Dymond & James RK Freeman – Opus […]

Where’d the year go?

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for making our Extra Life a huge success once more! The outpouring of support for our team is always humbling! Episode 312 – Leaning more into solid trance on the show anymore :p 1. Bryan Kearney – Euphoric Recall (Extended Mix) 2. Talla 2XLC Feat Clara Yates – […]

Extra Life is THIS WEEKEND!

We will be broadcasting Friday – Sunday morning with our extra life effort (as we do each year). Thanks so much to everyone who’s already donated to the cause for kids hospitals! If you are a member of the discord or my twitch feed, that’s the easiest way to contact the team during the broadcast…and […]