Extra Life is THIS WEEKEND!

We will be broadcasting Friday – Sunday morning with our extra life effort (as we do each year). Thanks so much to everyone who’s already donated to the cause for kids hospitals!
If you are a member of the discord or my twitch feed, that’s the easiest way to contact the team during the broadcast…and to also watch the chaos.

Here’s our electro swing show from a few weeks back:

Centrifugal Force: Episode 310 – Electro Swing
1. Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
2. Tony Wellin – Diamond (Club Mix)
3. Free Shots – Notte En Terza Fila (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
4. The Swing Bot – Barber Shop
5. Marc Spieler – You (Club Mix)
6. Parov Stelar – Gringo
7. Johnny Lectro – Hot Rhythm
8. Arts & Leni – Tonys Happy Guys (Stereo Express Remix)
9. The Manhattan Transfer – The Twilight Zone (Bart & Baker Remix)
10. Mano Meter – Kausell (Das Fachterpersonals Achterbahn Remix)
11. The Young Punx – Kowloon Kickback (Gramophonzie Remix)
12. Nikola Vujicic – Back to the 30’s
13. Bart & Baker – Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (DJ Mibor Remix)
14. LVDS, Szigeti Juli – Aint Nobody (Electro Swing Mix)
15. Phil Mac – Be There Too
16. Dela Dap, Melinda Stoika, Wolfgang Lohr – Make Swing Great Again
17. Wolfgang Lohr, Phos Toni – My 20s Woman (Club Mix)
18. Betty Boom, Slim Kerizzi, The Hebbe Sisters – Billie Jean (Club Mix)
19. DelaDap, Melidna Stoka – Music Has the Power (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
20. Wolfgang Lohr, Fred A Stare – Lets Call the whole thing off
21. Parov Stelar, Aron Chupa – Grandpa’s Groove
22. Pisk – Hummin To Myself
23. Phos Toni – Not Happy (Club Mix)
24. Glenn Gadsby – Twentys Dress (Club Mix)
25. G Pantelideis – Swing & Rolla (Club Mix)
26. Kilschee – Harlequinn

“The Strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.”
― Gene Roddenberry

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