Wow! That was fun for a new spin! Thanks for tuning in! Stay tuned for the recordings! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
See you next Thursday!!!
Big shout to Breadboard Bakery for the donation!!!

Listener Requests keep coming!

Trying this whole Psy-Trance thing tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, the daft punk special isnt happening this year. Half of us couldnt get a helmet in time! So maybe another special guest will be DJ’ing tomorrow night instead!
See you tomorrow at 9*EST!

Soft Vocals return once again!

Thank you for the show genre requests! Please keep them coming!!!

I’ll be getting the archives caught up Sunday when I get back from my weekend trip. Be sure to check out my facebook page “DJZingOfficial” to get the shows before they are posted here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Soft Vocals = Success!

Guys PLEASE keep the genre suggestions coming! They have been doing great! Keep an eye out for more uploads on my mixcloud as well as here on the archives page!
See you next week for another great show!!!


Thank you for the new supporters all over social media! 😀

New shows up on mixcloud – will be on archives in a few days

Check the mixcloud for the past shows. Still have some cleanup work to do on some files, but we’ll get to them all eventually! Keep the requests coming!

Thanks! New downloads coming soon!

We had a great night with all the new trance! Thanks so much for tuning in! I’ll have the new downloads available in several places! Keep an eye out!

Tell your friends! 😀

WAO138?! comes back!

By popular demand! WAO138?! (Who’s Afraid of 138) is back this week on the show! Get ready for my usual mix of uplifting and melodic trance!

See you tomorrow night! 9PM*EST!

German show! Oops!

I never posted about this during the week! Sorry fellow site follower fans!

However: Thanks for tuning in this evening! Hope you enjoyed the German special! See you next week for something!!! Listeners please feel free to suggest a genre!!!