Thanks! See you next week!

VOCAL TRANCE is next Thursday night! No doubt they’ll be a big turnout! Get there early!

Back from the quarantine zone! WITH HARD HOUSE!

Centrifugal Force returns this week from the quarantine zone! WITH ALL NEW HARD HOUSE! 7-10PM*EST on everyone’s favorite channel!!!

Belay that… there will be music

OK – I’ll have music up tonight from 7-10PM*EST however I will not be there. Feel free to tune in and listen if you need some musical motivation (or background noise)

24 Hour bug?

Most likely not doing my show tonight considering I was in bed at 7 last night. Hoping this is a 24 hour thing. Man I’m hurtin
Sorry all, see you next week!

UK Hardcore tomorrow night! ALL NEW!

7-10PM*EST tomorrow night! Tune in as we cross the pond and make things a bit harder (giggity)

Right here on!

SHOWS UPDATED! House & Progressive this THURSDAY!

I finally got off my ass and updated the archives with the past shows! They are now available for your downloading and listening pleasure!

Also, stop by Thursday night as usual… for all NEW House and Progressive 7-10PM*EST!