Thanks for tuning in – UK Hardcore up next

UK Hardcore back next week! New? Old? WE DONT KNOW!

See you next Thursday 7-10PM (EST)

New rotation this week

Centrifgual Force is back tomorrow! New rotation! Which means Top 40 Club / Remix episode! Tune in early to hear last weeks amazing Vocal Trance set!
7-10PM (EST)

Thanks for the support yet again!

What a show! I swear that people come out of the woodwork for my Trance shows! Thank you all so much! See you next week!

Special 2 hour show tomorrow night!!!

Special 2 hour Vocal Trance show tomorrow night on Centrifugal Force! 7-11PM (EST) only on

Special show this week! 2 hours of vocal trance!

To make up for my sudden illness and absence last week, I present a special 2 hour Vocal Trance / uplifting trance show this Thursday night!

7-11 PM (EST) right here on!

I got a fever… nope… not joking

Cant do it this week. Im pushing the show back, I can work through a headache, but not a fever, sorry guys… trance next week.

Vocal Trance – A Force Favorite returns


Zing’s back tomorrow night with the very best of Vocal Trance. 7-10PM(EST) right here on!

Thank you for all the continued support for the show, my new facebook page, and the youtube channel! Stay tuned for more live performances as the summer approaches!

Thank you! Updates and club residency coming soon

Thanks for another great show and all the support! See you next week for vocal trance!!!

Show archives to be updated shortly (apologies for the delays)

Philly club residency coming soon! Stay tuned!!!

The show must go on

Centrifugal Force – Feed is up in 15 minutes! ALL NEW UK Hard House at 9PM (EST)
Tune in to hear what you missed!

I have a migraine BTW… so dont say Im not dedicated!

UK Hard House show tomorrow night!

Centrifugal Force – UK Hard House tomorrow night! What will it be? New? Old? WE DONT KNOW! Tune in! 7-10PM (EST)