Zenkaikon this Friday! Live show schedule

DJ Zing pres. The Centrifugal Force Friday night at Zenkaikon! 12:30-2:30

Easter Weekend:

DJ Zing invades the Chicken Lounge!!!

March 3rd and 4th 10PM-1AM
Be a good citizen!

March 4th

Used Grooves – UK Hard House – 130-3PM



Thanks! See you next Friday night at Zenkaikon!!!

Thanks for tuning in tonight! Hope you enjoyed tonight’s trance show and the preview of my set at Zenkaikon next Friday night!
No show next Thursday, but we’ll be streaming my set LIVE next Friday night on Mixify!

Check here, facebook, or twitter for the link to the feed!

If you stop in for the set, please say hello after the show!!!

ALL NEW Vocal and Uplifting Trance tomorrow night!

9PM*EST on Mixify! The Centrifugal Force comes back with an all new vocal and uplifting trance show! Going out to a very special friend.

Stick around for a sneak preview of my Zenkaikon show to boot!


Centrifugal Force – The People’s Show! (not the elbow)

We are truly becoming A PEOPLE’S SHOW! And that’s exactly what I had envisioned for this year! Thank you all so very very much!!!
Big up for those that donated! Much appreciated! See you next week for Trance/Vocal/Uplifting! WAO 138?!

9PM*EST as always on Mixify!

See you next week and have a wonderful weekend!

New show tonight… ALL THANKS TO YOU!!!

Elated at our very first LISTENER SPONSORED SHOW! That’s right! This one is ALL thanks to YOU!

Every donation will be put to good use to keep the music coming to YOU! SO MANY THANKS!

ALL NEW UK Hard House tonight 9PM*EST RIGHT HERE: DJ Zing pres. the Centrifugal Force

ALL NEW Hard House tomorrow night!

9PM*EST on Mixify – Hopefully the new site makes it easier to tune in now. Please let me know if it does not!

We got ALL NEW UK Hard House tomorrow night! Possible vinyl encore show again (last week was fun!)

Again big shouts to those who donated to the show. It really helps keep money in the coffers for more music and records 🙂

Don’t forget about Zenkaikon March 27th! I’ll be there Friday night bringing the best of Trance along with the full Centrifugal Force experience! Hope to see all of you there!

What a welcome back!

Not only was it nice checking the donations prior to the show, but to have the continued support, even MORE donations (Big shout to BreadBoard Bakery and Val), but the fact that so many showed up and pushed for a near 2 hour encore… just crazy! I’m so pumped now it’ll be hard for me to go to bed!

Many many many thanks to all! See you next Thursday night!!!

Don’t forget, you can see me live at Zenkaikon on March 27th! I’ll be throwing down the best of Trance all evening! Come say hello!!!

We’re back! ALL NEW UK Hardcore TONIGHT!


Click HERE to tune in OR locate the show from the front page!



New site and brand are here! What do you guys think?! I, for one, am EXCITED and PROUD to present this new look and feel. Working harder this time to keep content flowing from all angles!

We’re back tomorrow night with an ALL NEW UK Hardcore show! Hope to see you all there!

9PM*EST on Mixify! The main page will link you right to where the action is.

New site is super mobile friendly to boot! Stay tuned for more great changes!