The Centrifugal Force celebrates 100 shows! Feed is live NOW! Live show (BEST OF VOCAL TRANCE) starts at 9PM (EST)

HEAR the show:

SEE the show:

Show returns this Thursday!

Back from my Pittsburgh event, still recovering from a HDD crash & fresh install. We should be good to go this Thursday! Ending the episode 100 show with the best of VOCAL TRANCE!

Tune in at 7 to catch past shows! Im live at 9pm (est)
See & hear the show!

I’ll be back when my Pittsburgh gig is done

Postponing my vocal trance special til after my Pittsburgh event. With the recent computer upgrade, I have some bugs to work out & dont want to rush a special vocal show. See you in 2 weeks!

Episode 100 will be complete & I’ll clean up the site, add past shows etc.
Still getting things organized with the PC

Episode 100 part 4 – VOCAL TRANCE this Thursday night!

Centrifugal Force – Computer issues aside… we’re still trying for Episode 100 part 4 – VOCAL TRANCE this Thursday night 9PM(EST) on