The rise continues!

Centrifugal Force – Thanks for tuning in! See you next week for Vocal Trance as we continue our rotation!

Stay tuned as the rise continues! Lots more opportunities to see Zing LIVE!

“If you think the show is good… you havent seen anything yet” – Setsucon staff


Might be a slight delay in tonights show… just getting home from a late day at the day job! Beat with me!!!

UK Hard House this Thursday!!!

Centrifugal Force – UK Hard House this week! Coming off a high from Setsucon 2013! See why it’s worth asking a professional to play your convention!!!

Tonight, I feel profound…

So many feels this year… and its ONLY January! More opportunities to stop working for “the man”… a wonderful opportunity for my DJ career, and now a few fans telling me how I’ve helped them in some way just by being myself. I think Bruce Lee & Miyamoto Musashi would be happy to hear these things as well. At the end of the day, shouldn’t we be happy when we’re recognized in some sense as those who we look up to?

Profound DJ is profound sometimes.

Special Thanks to…

Also thanks to Len O’Donnell, Brian Rudowski, and friends for being awesome roadies! Also for libations and great company! You will all be getting t shirts ^-^

Obliterated Setsucon!

A very BIG THANK YOU to Jim Bednarz, Jarad Kaplan, and the rest of the Setsucon staff for the accommodations, hospitality, and professionalism! It was great to work with everyone and the other DJ’s! Hope to give you another fantastic experience next year!

No show but…

I’m cancelling my show tomorrow night to prepare for my LIVE set at Setsucon this weekend!
DJ Zing 10-11PM (EST) THIS SATURDAY AT SETSUCON! Come see your favorite DJ in person!

Encore! Encore!

Definitely one of the first times that the video feed has requested me to “extend the show”. I’d have kept going longer but I have work tomorrow – THATS WHAT SHE SAID! HIYOOOOO! *high five*


Thanks for everyone for tuning in and offering some feedback on the Setsucon demo mix. I think I have a better idea of what to swap in and out again. See you next week for UK Hard House!

My live set at Setsucon is Jan 26th from 10-11PM (EST)… we will try and have a video feed up! Also stay tuned for some MORE guest mixes coming in Feb!!!


Rehearsal Show tomorrow night!

Centrifugal Force – Rehearsal show tomorrow for my live set at Setsucon (Jan 26) at the Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center!


Centrifugal Force – BOOM! WE DO IT!!!
What a way to start 2013 off! Hell of a mix! See you next week for UK Hardcore!
Dont forget 2 weeks away! I’m LIVE at Setsucon 2013 ( in State College! Come see your favorite DJ LIVE!!!