Thanks! See you in 2 weeks!

Centrifugal Force – Thanks for tuning in! See you in 2 weeks for ALL NEW House!!!

Mixify is down… trying livestream again!

Providing its working and my power doesnt go out! Tune in with the button above!


7-8 – UK Hardcore

8-9 – UK Hard House

9-11 – Vocal Trance! Who’s Afraid of 138?!

2 Hour Vocal Trance Special!!!

Special 2 hour Centrifugal Force tomorrow night! 7-11PM*EST We’re bringing back “Who’s Afraid of 138?!” Did I mention Vocal Trance?!

Dayjob > Show sorry!

No show this week sorry! My dayjob needs me tonight and early tomorrow. Not sure what my schedule tonight will be… sooo

See you next week! Sorry!!! Possible 2 hour show next week to make up for this!

Thanks! See you next week!

Thanks for tuning in tonight! See you next week for Vocal Trance!!!!

Possible guest mix!


Centrifugal Force – LIVE mix happening SOON!


Centrifugal Force – Show is starting at 8PM*EST Had to work late!


ALL NEW UK HARD HOUSE! 7-10PM*EST with our LIVE show starting at 9PM TONIGHT!

Mixify only! Be sure to check back for the link posted this evening!

NEW UK Hard House tomorrow night!

Centrifugal Force – NEW UK Hard House show tomorrow night! 7-10PM*EST – LIVE at 9PM

Possibly mixify only again!

Thanks for the support!

OK so livestream shit the bed tonight… however I went over quite well on mixify. So we may just switch over to that full time! There’s a video feed AND a chatroom! Thanks for tuning in! See you next week for UK Hard House!