Thank you Setsucon!

You guys were amazing! You are NOT afraid of 138!

Hope to see you next year!

Special thanks to the staff and of course the attendees for making it a great time once again!

Setsucon – Are you ready?!

Thanks for tuning in! See you next week? or definitely next Saturday Jan 25th @Setsucon !
Whos Afraid of 138?!
Centrifugal Force LIVE!!!

Thanks and welcome to 2014!!!

Centrifugal Force – WOW WHAT A START TO 2014!!! Special thanks to Mittens for showing up and doing a guest mix! See you next week as we continue our rotation with ALL NEW House and Progressive!!!

Setuscon 2014 – Weekend of the 24th! Who’s Afraid of 138 on the 25th! See you there!!!

Happy New year!

We’ll resume our normal broadcast schedule next Thursday with our post new years special!