I’ll be back in September… here’s what happened

I’ve been receiving various messages from you guys about “what happened? wheres the footage from Zenkaikon” etc”

I feel I owe everyone an explanation of what happened to me over the summer (I’ll keep it short):

Shortly after the convention, I was scheduled to move into a larger house, which made me pack up 90% of my home… including the studio. This house fell through which, in turn, lead to another house… then another… then another. I never thought I’d have so much of an issue finding a suitable place to move to as I did.

“But why didnt you unpack?”

With so many possible houses becoming available and then falling through… I needed to be ready to move at any time one would have worked out. Trust me, it has absolutely SUCKED this summer being idle. I havent done any performances, shows, etc. and I feel bad for letting the con footage slip. We dont have the proper equipment here to render it and we had a long disconnect with the other AV guy that currently has all the footage…

I just contacted him, and hopefully he’ll send over his render before he’s deployed (he’s in the Army).

Granted this is not acceptable, I know many of you are still anticipating the full video. Hopefully I’ll have better news about it in a few days. I WILL return in September with the shows, and with a new image as well. The worst is, that was one of the best events that I did this year… so I feel extra crappy there isnt the full footage up like I originally thought.

I hope you guys can understand and just give me a bit more time. I’ll make this up to you with an even more consistent musical experience to come in September.

Thank you for all the emails! KEEP ME HONEST!


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