Why do we fall? So we learn to pick ourselves back up


Things have been hectic to say the least here. I am finally all setup in the studio and have configured everything for our new medium…not to mention getting free time again!

The Centrifugal Force officially returns Thursday, February 24th @9PM(EST)! I have updated the link to the new show on my twitch channel on the front page as well as the listen live link. I hope you are pleasantly surprised with our new setup and show format! We are moving to a 2 hour weekly show block for now. I’ll see if this is feasible weekly… if not, I will go to a bi-weekly show.

Our comeback special will be a 4 hour nonstop mix of WAO138?!, vocal, and uplifting trance, all similar to the Punta Cana mix I posted awhile ago.

The main announcements are done via my DJZingOfficial page on facebook, so please give that a like to stay on top of my events.

I will also be making a mailing list to send out the promotional batch of t shirts finally as well.

Thank you all for your continued support during my absence. Hope to see everyone on the 24th!!!


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