TunesTuesday… again!

Dayjob has been busy so I’ve been pretty switched off during the evenings… anyways!

TunesTuesday back with our progressive show from last week:

Episode 284
1. Eric Lune & Juan Sapia – Evolution
2. Chris Cargo – Coyote
3. Ryan Wallace (UK) – Floreat
4. D-Formation & GRAZZE – Imaray (Extended Mix)
5. DJ Zombi – Octopus
6. Ziger – Shadows Feat Stephano Prunebelli (Eleven Sins Dub Remix)
7. Eric Lune & Juan Sapia – Big Bang
8. Matan Caspi – Behind You (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
9. Samer Tinoco – Horus
10. Orgymusik – Dark Path
11. Wabe – Cosmos
12. Kasper Koman – Into Little Pieces (Sonic Union Remix)
13. Ezekiel Arias & Simon Doty – Sonoma (Extended Mix)
14. 1979, HOSH & Jalja – Midnight
15. CamelPhat & Jem Cooke – Rabbit Hole (Extended Mix)
16. Sono – Keep Control (ARTBAT Remix)
17. Patrice Baumel – Sender
18. Gamba – Victoria

Receive without pride, let go without attachment. Marcus Aurelius

Would also like to give a shout to MyHouseRomance for featuring me on his show last week as well. Please check that out here:

Margaritas and McLarens tonight at the bar!

MyHouseRomance making a guest mix of more progressive house for this week! So we’ll see how we can compliment that as well. Have a great week everyone!

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