Happy New Year!

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been in Australia for awhile, then back home to do the Christmas and New Year’s thing with family and friends.

Some announcements:

Huge thanks to the subscribers and donation folks over on Twitch! Made more than expected, so I will be rolling absolutely anything I make off that RIGHT back into the show! I need a better camera for the stream as well as upgrading to do some video stuff as well. THANK YOU for being a huge help with that effort! I will do my best to make the shows even better with anything that’s contributed!

I’m back at Setsucon this year and they gave me the whole con 🙂
ZING ONLY!!! Check me out here: https://setsucon.com/guests/ (Special 3 hour set)

#TranceThursday starts off 2018 with a bang! Let’s keep the community growing! It is such a pleasure to entertain all of you each week! Please tell your friends to join in on the jams!

9PM*EST -> twitch.tv/DJ_Zing

Don’t forget to re-subscribe if you haven’t already!!!


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