Electro Swing (Far Behind!)

Heya folks,

HUGE apology for not posting anything sooner. Just been in a funk lately with this whole “stay at home” thing ON TOP OF me being out of work. Anyhoo!
Electro Swing show from a few weeks ago for your enjoyment!

Episode 288

1. Bart & Baker – We Are What We Are (Feat Billy Bros Orchestra)(Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
2. Jed X – Bizzee Bee
3. Swahn – Crooked Boogie
4. Phos Toni – In Den Haag
5. Wolfgang Lohr – Losing Feat Sana Hartfield (Club Mix)
6. Tape Five – I Shot the Sheriff (Extended Mix)
7. LVDS – Am I Real Feat Alanna Leyes (Club Mix)
8. DJ Mibor – Alkaline
9. The Shuffle Club & Tommy Largo – Mack the Knife
10. Madam Misfit – Inspector Gadget (Instrumental)
11. Tape Five – Dusenberg
12. Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat (Club Mix)
13. The Swing Bot – Rhythmaker 37
14. Jazzotron & Mkdsl – Speakeasy (James Copeland Remix)
15. D-Tech – Swing & A Miss
16. Swahn – Bad Time Glory
17. South of Roosevelt – Gotta Swing
18. Filth & Smell – All I wanna Do
19. Schinowatz – Snake Eyes
20. Jamie Berry – Old Record

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts – Winston Churchill

See you tomorrow and Thursday for more bar chat and music!

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