We’re back baby!

We’re back and on time for once!

Flawless disco show last week being posted for all your listening enjoyment.
Possible celebratory bar night tomorrow! Some good news hopefully!

Talk to you all later this week!

Episode 298 – Disco & Funky House
1. Ian Ossia – Moves at Midnight
2. Studio 54 Music – Got to Have Loving Feat Nicki B & The Vagabond (JKRIV Extended Mix)
3. Ladies on Mars – Burn Me Up
4. DJ Mark Brickman – Rise Feat Vanessa Jackson
5. Andrey Exx & Diva Vocal – Back to the Disco
6. Joey Negro – Latican Boogie (Crackazat Remix)
7. Disko Junkie – I Like to Party
8. Eric Kupper & Chanelle – One Man (Michael Gray Extended Mix)
9. Thernero – Look Ahead (Extended Mix)
10. George Feely – Stanley’s Disco
11. Mark Lower – Express yourself
12. HP Vince – Steel & Strings
13. Stephen M – Power of Love
14. Crazibiza & 2Lovers – My Fire
15. Zetaphunk & Yvvan Back – High
16. Block & Crown – Respect
17. Hawksburn & Rubber People – Hung Up
18. Audio Jacker – You Say (Nu Disco Remix)
19. JL, Zetaphunk & Yvvan Back – Somebody Else’s Guy (Club Mix)
20. K69 – Ready On the Night
21. Block & Crown, Paul Parsons & Lissat – Last Dance Feat Donnie Fray

No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one. – Ernest Hemmingway

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