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Heya folks! We’ve been crazy busy with things here! Just did a HUGE computer update and I lost a bunch of things.
We’re finally back up and running so here’s our latest and greatest!

Episode 297 – Trance Thursday
1. Drival & Liel Kolet – Hold My Hand (Extended Mix)
2. Andre Visior & Kay Stone – Sunrise (Ciaran MacAuley Remix)
3. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele – The Fire (Extended Mix)
4. 4Strings & Susanne Tutenbeurg – Start Again (Extended Mix)
5. Allen Watts – Another You Feat Gid Sedgewick (Extended Mix)
6. Pennyman – Terra Bella (Extended Mix)
7. Emdivinity – Iron Sky (Extended Mix)
8. Alan Morris – A Shadow Propehcy (Extended Mix)
9. Armin Van Buuren & Rising Star – The Voice Feat Cari (Extended Mix)
10. Indecent Noise – Scarlet (Extended Mix)
11. Anominuque & Michael Fate – Stoneheart Feat Maee (Madwave Remix)
12. Vinny DeGeorge – Seascape
13. Clara Yates & Talla 2XLC – Back to Life (Extended Mix)
14. Joe Hury, Roman Messer – Ive Been Needing You (Muhammed El Alami Remix)
15. Factor B – Revelations
16. Ciaran McAuley – Our Journey (TFSFX Anthem)
17. Kristina Sky & Roger Shah – Take Me Back Feat Emma Shaffer (Extended Mix)
18. Factor B – Revelations
19. Adam Taylor & James Kitcher Feat Susie Ledge – Come in from the cold
20. Metta & glyde – The Shimmering (Extended Mix)
21. Richard Tanselli – Wake Up! (Extended Mix)

Live life to the fullest and make the best out of nothing. A smile is the one curve in life that will set many things straight – DJ Ka$h Money (Akash)


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