Post Memorial Day Update

Episode 265 is uploaded for your listening pleasure!

Hollow Knight is just about finished, so I’m all ears for new game suggestions for Tuesdays!

Come chill and show prep Wednesday nights is still a thing! Here’s where you can directly impact the future shows as they’re being made!

Episode 265
1. AFO – Dont Stop (70s Mix)
2. Dimitry From Paris & DJ Rocca – Ero Disco Theme (Extended Mix)
3. Romy Black – Louie Louie
4. Lorenz Rode – Back (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
5. Disco Junkie – Feel the Disko
6. Jagerossa & Yam Who – This Man’s In Love With You Feat Jennifer Wallace (Jagerossa & Yam Who Remix)
7. Nytron – YOU
8. Funk the Beat – Funky City
9. Lazy Bear & Nytron – FREAK
10. Sebb Junior – You the One
11. Ken@Work – Nobody
12. Chardonnay – Set On the Prize Feat Lo-Fi Sugar (Andrey Exx & Airsand Remix)
13. Dario Nunez – Think
14. Robbie Rivera – Sing It With Me (Extended Mix)
15. Damon Hess – One More Time
16. Simon Fava & Yvan Back – La Celestina
17. Andrew Rai & Boris Roodbroy – Rocket Launcher (Club Mix)
18. Antoine Clamaran & The Cube Guys – You Got the Love Feat Jaren
19. Gary Caos – Fly
20. Julian the Angel & Lissat – Get High
21. Andrew Laddo – Hasta El Fin (The Cube Guys With Agent Greg Remix)
22. Trace & Tom Staar – East Soul (Extended Mix)
23. Kinspin & No Hopes – Grey & Black (Crazibiza Remix)
24. Me & My Toothbrush – Be Alright (Orignal Club Mix)

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1154EST! It’s still Monday!

I made it on time :p

Submitted for your approval: Extended Episode 264 from last Thursday

Tomorrow we’ll try to do a better, more planned out run of Hollow Knight (so I’m not just running around aimlessly)

Wednesday show prep / chill will stick around since folks seem to enjoy that

Thursday we’ll do some kinda show for you folks! Appreciate the continued support! We have a new supply of DJ Zing t shirts for sale as well! Please email me directly for availability!


Been awhile!

Hey folks!
We’re growing slow and steady on Twitch! So if you haven’t already followed me on there (or have told your friends about me) please do!

Tonight is more Hollow Knight

Wednesdays have been reserved for a chill / show prep stream

Thursday we’re coming back with another Trance Thursday! Exclusive show is now uploaded on my facebook page for those of you who are fans