Rotation continues

UK Hardcore from last week posted late as usual :p

Not to worry! We’re back on schedule for this week’s show with everyone’s favorite genre (I think): Vocal & Uplifting Trance!

Back from mini vacation – Chill does it again!

Heya folks! Just got back today from a long weekend at the lake 🙂

Always a nice relaxing time on the houseboat…

Anyways! Let’s kick off MusicMonday with our Chill / Downtempo show from last week! Back once again by request, you guys backup the popularity of the more reserved genre

Been on vacation / sick

Haven’t posted here in awhile! WOW!
Big apologies for that! Lots of stuff going on here though.

Had a daily mini show this past week, minus this evening. It’s nice to be back on the air after vacation and being sick…

Going to try some more chill / deep house for tomorrow’s show! Let’s see how that goes 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great summer