Dream Fest 2015!



FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ValleyDreamFest
Tickets: https://www.bookbottles.com/event/692/DreamFest+2015
12$ online 15$ at the gate
10 AM – 11PM
2-4 is just me but I’ll be there until 8. Playing classic and progressive house with a bit of electro!

Please come out and support a good cause!!!

Some kinda house tomorrow night!

By demand, some kinda house will be tomorrows show! Specifically the type of house? WHO KNOWS! Also, we have started to NOT be restricted to just an hour! Be sure to stick around for after shows as well!

9PM*EST tomorrow night!

Time to make the donuts

So work has unfortunately been crazy busy this week. I have nothing ready for a show tonight… sorry guys!

I should be back next Thursday to entertain once again!

Have a great holiday weekend!