We’re back!!!

Feed is LIVE! Tune in tonight for ALL NEW UK Hardcore!

Upcoming Live shows:

April 5th – ALL VINYL show – usedgrooves.com -> Easton, PA

April 25th – Saturday 4 hour set -> UK Hardcore -> Who’s Afraid of 138?! – www.zenkaikon.com

COME OUT AND SEE ME!!! You wont be dissapointed 🙂

Thanks! See you in ~2 weeks

Unless I specify, I will be away playing poker next Thursday night.

Thanks for tuning in tonight for the house and progressive show! Whenever I get back (be it next week or the week after) we’ll have ALL NEW UK Hardcore for you as we continue our rotation!

Be sure to catch me LIVE next month at Zenkaikon! April 26th for a 4 hour set!

www.zenkaikon.com for more details!!!