UK Hardcore TONIGHT!

UK Hardcore tomorrow night! 7-10PM*EST

The site is getting a massive overhaul. I’m currently working with a very good friend and professional designer on getting the site, shirts, and media ready for the label launch at the end of the year. Stay tuned everyone!!

Work happening and birthday things

Due to work being extra busy AND the whole “finding another job ASAP”… I have once again neglected the show. Also, I have been invited out tonight by some old friends to enjoy a night of cards. I must oblige!

I promise I’ll be back next week. Things have just been crazy insane this week with life!

2 shows this week!

Tomorrow night… join me as my heart beats once again (this time at 138) as I finalize Heart Vol 5 for a special someone. Stay tuned for the time*

Thursday night! Join me as I celebrate another trip around the sun (I’m getting OLD) We’ll have all new House comin at ya! 7-10PM*EST

Panic Mode…

So after hearing that my contract is extended through next year at my day job… I get the wonderful news that I am done in September. What this means… I have no clue. Things could change and I could continue working there, or my contracting firm can possiby find me something else by then. But, regardless I am in panic mode this week and will not be doing the show. I need to get my online resume and job site information up to date so that I can start getting searched on again for another job.

Hopefully I can get things squared away soon or over the weekend. I should be back next week when I am less stressed.