Show Cancelled – See you in 2 weeks

Unfortunately, when you’re not a full time DJ… that other job sometimes needs you. Work has been crazy busy as of late. Its just hitting 5 and I still have no clue when I’m leaving tonight. I’m therefore cancelling the show in case I am not on time. I appreciate the understanding and hope that folks realize that I do have a FULL TIME job other than DJ’ing. A lot of folks think I just DJ… as much as I’d love to do just that… its just not in the cards yet. Next week I also wont have a show to prep for a full DJ weekend. New CDJ’s are scheduled in by tomorrow and Ableton Studio 8 is here.

In the next few weeks, please expect the rest of the past shows to be re-posted, some lost episodes, and maybe some new tunes from myself or in collaberation. Thanks for your understanding and support guys!!!



Centrifugal Force: ALL NEW UK Hard House tonight! 7-10 PM (EST) on

Also – Site updates / overhaul coming soon!

New Bio, Forums are going bye bye since no one uses them, new photos and link to my youtube channel!