No bar chat tonight

I’m cancelling the bar chat for tonight. I need to be 100% for the day job tomorrow. However, please find our progressive and deep house mix uploaded for your listening pleasure!
See you folks Thursday night!
Episode 292 – Progressive & Deep House
1. Ivory – Hold Your Breath
2. Betoko & Syham-P – Lost Time (D Formation & Grazze Remix)
3. Volen Sentir – The Great Escape
4. Roy Rosenfeld – The Biggest Heart
5. Rick Pier O’Neil & Robert Mason – The Last (Aaron Suiss Remix)
6. Dabeat & Kamilo Sanclemente – Tremble (Extended Mix)
7. Graham Gold & Samotarev – Rising (DJ Zombi & Maydan Remix)
8. Rony Seikaly – Understand (Gorge Remix)
9. D-Formation, Sean & Dee – Nihal (Original Mix)
10 Robert Babicz – Starchild (Morttagua Remix)
11. Deeplomoatik – Ready 4 This
12. Zoo Brazil – Freeflow (Extended Mix)
13. Audiojack – Are We Here (Original Mix)
14. High On Mars – The Power Plant (Bardeeya Remix)
15. DJ AroZe – Una Vita Segreta (Biskuwi Remix)
16. Lumidelic – Through the Door (Original Mix)
17. Anden – Fires In The Sky (Extended Mix)
18. Alex Kaspersky & Robert Babicz – Starblast (Original Mix)
19. Alice Rose & Darin Epsilon – My Own Time (Miss Monique Remix)

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