Technical Difficulties and one big apology!

This show will be re-broadcast Dec 30th – The webcam automatically was set to the default device which took over instead of the mixer…. so you pretty much heard just what I was doing and nothing else. I had a record number of people on the feed and I feel terrible…

I owe you a proper UK Hardcore show with a cam and will deliver that 2 weeks from now. – Zing

Sorry guys – No show tonight

Tonight on Centrifugal Force: SEE and HEAR DJ Zing spin UK Hardcore from 8-10 PM (EST) on www.djzing.com! Webcam will be working!

Centrifugal Force update: Cancelling the show for tonight… I left work early today and am just feeling wiped. I’d rather do the show with the webcam when I am feeling better. Sorry! See you next week

Hello world!

Welcome to the new DJZing.com! As we finalize the transition from the old site to the new, please let us know of any bugs you find. Some we might know about (and will take some time to fit into the site, as designed) and some we might not.

Anyway, here’s a tour of the new site!

The new homepage, you can see – as you’re on it! We’ve got a blog that you can sign into and post comments. Info about new shows, music and my thoughts will be here. Besides the forums (still running like old!), you can interact with me and other CF fans here!

Wanted to know about more about me? Check out my bio page and you’ll have all you need to know, including photos of events I’ve spun at.

Through the Centrifugal Force page, you’ll have all the info on the weekly shows. As the podcasts take a lot of time to upload (we have to upload ALL of them again), it might be a few days before they are all up. Also, all the notes and info on the latest show will be there to look at, along with links to the show streaming.

Want something a little more mixed to listen to? Hit up the Mix/Re-Mixed page and download some of the mixes I’ve worked on over the past years.

On the Links page, you’ll find everyone I love, respect and has helped me do what I love to do. Please go check out everyone’s site, it only takes a moment.

Of course, the Forums are still where they always are. Go sign up and chat on those!

And I’m still going to be posting and promoting on Twitter and Facebook, so don’t think I won’t give you anymore social media love.

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