UK Hardcore – 262

UK Hardcore makes a triumphant return on the show! One of my go to places for the music went down a long time ago… but still we persevere! Thank you for requesting the genre to come back. We had a great reception and I had a lot of fun playing this again!

TunesTuesday this week since I forgot to update yesterday

Hollow Knight continues this evening! Not sure what we’re planning for Thursday, but we’ll have a fun show for you!

Episode 262
1. Avaxx – Surrender Feat Kate Wild (Technikore Extended Mix)
2. JTS & Technikore – This Mind of Mine
3. Ultravibes – Looking Back
4. Jakka-B – Heal My Heart
5. Suae & Technikore – Til I Burn (Extended Mix)
6. Alex Prospect & Joey Riot – Move Your Body
7. Code Black & Darren Styles – Sparks (170 Edit) (Extended)
8. Jakka-B – Heartbeat (Forever)
9. Mako & Rize – Believer (Mike Reverie Remix)
10. Ganar – For the Sky (Extended Mix)
11. Klubfiller – The Key The Secret
12. Audio Nitrate & Stylezzy – I Believe
13. Bananaman & Gisbo – Be the One
14. Blue Eyes, Nobody & Rob IYF – What’s Goin On
15. Ganar – All I Wanna Be (2018 Update)
16. Blue Eyes, Jakka-B – Nothing To Fear
17. Deverstate, Inspriation & Mob – Survive
18. Energy Syndicate & Scar – Midnight
19. Technikore & Vicy Fee – Stay Forever (Extended)
20. Antix & Tom-E – Sweet Release (Haze & JTS Remix)
21. Dougal & Gammer & Squad-E – Heaven Sent You
22. Audio Nitrate – My All
23. Substanced – Heart of Time (Kounta Kulture Remix)
24. The Justice Hardcore Collective & Lyndsey D – Bolt Out The Blue
25. M-Project – The Way We Were (ws Version)
26. Robie & The Justice Hardcore Collective – Like a Prayer
27.Pocket Rocket & The Justice Hardcore Collective – Hard to Feel
28. Rescue & V-Star – Shackles
29. Swifty – With You (Ganah Remix)

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Discos back!

Episode 261 returns with our take on the sounds from Studio 54. Please enjoy as usual

Hollow knight going live in a few minutes! Unsure, if / what we’re doing Thursday evening… but stay tuned as always!

I wish everyone a great week!

Episode 261
1. Gizelle Smith – Dust (Dimitri From Paris VS Contonete Discomix)
2. Omar -Vicky’s Tune (The Reflex Dont Stop Remix)
3. Raquel Rodriquez – We Go Together (Joey Negro Club Mix)
4. Tommy Glasses – We Like 2 Party (Vocal Version)
5. The Revenge – Every Night (Original Mix)
6. Natasha Kitty Kat – Plenty Good
7. Malu Cachu – Be With You (Kevin McKay Remix)
8. Earth N Days – Give Me Your Love (Original Mix)
9. Calvin Harris & Ran N Bone Man – Giant (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
10. Low Steppa – Youre My Life (Extended Mix)
11. Block & Crown – Bonjour Amouraux (4 At Night Mix)
12. Freq – Slow Feat Boy Matthews (Freq Extended Mix)
13. Alexander Cruel – Our Love
14. Watermat – Preach (Extended Mix)
15. Luca Debonaire – Pump Up The Jam
16. Robbie Dox – BeMyne (The Cube Guys Remix)
17. Frederick Abas & Luca Debonaire – Prisoner
18. Blaze (ITA) & Yvan Back – El Timbalito
19. Aqua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran – Dancin
20. Incognet & Yvan Back – In My House
21. Illyus & Barrientos – The One
22. 2Lovers & Crazibiza – Paradise (Extended Mix)
23. Croatia Squad, Me & My Toothbrush – Say It Loud

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The ides of March

Here’s our schedule this week:

Tuesday games – Hollow knight

Wednesday – Possible “show prep” stream since that seemed to peak people’s interests. Although, I’m not sure how long that may last. But we can keep it open for folks to just talk to me while I get things ready

Thursday – Some kinda music :p
I have not decided the genre(s) yet

Ordering a new batch of t shirts finally since I still owe a few people from months ago (Really sorry about that!)

Trance Thursday show updated from last week:

Episode 260
1. Ahmed Romel – Sea of Sounds
2. Cathy Burton & Steve Allen – My Awakening (FG Noise Extended Remix)
3. Factor B – Alpha
4. Joel Hirsh Feat HALIENE – Run To You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
5. Rinaly – Foralskad (Extended Mix)
6. RAM Feat Susana – Someone Like You (ReOrder Extended Mix)
7. Anki & Arti5an – Come What May (Dustin Husain Extended Remix)
8. Solis & Sean Truby, Ultimate Feat Kathrine Amy – Stand By You (Extended Mix)
9. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Panama (Extended Mix)
10. Airlab 7 – 2B (UDM Extended Remix)
11. Sarah Lynn & Talla 2XLC – Love Is Wide Awake (Extended Mix)
12. Claire Willis & Michael Milov – Anywhere With You (Tom Exo Extended Mix)
13. Kaimo K Feat Sue McLaren – As If Leaving You Is Easy (Extended Mix)
14. Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay (Sneijder Extended Remix)
15. Ferry Tale Feat Betsie Larkin – Live for Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
16. Aly & Fila – Its All About the Melody
17. Metta & Glide, Sean Tyas – Storm
18. Shedona – Red Light
19. Andrea Ribeca – Ola Del Sol (Extended Mix)
20. Corin Bayley & Liam Wilson – Heartbeats (Extended Mix)

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Radio Classic

Hey folks! Last week we had some fun and redid a few old episodes!
Classic sounds are here in the usual spots for your listening pleasure.

Unsure what game we’ll try this week since Resident Evil 2 is over for now…

Looking forward to Thursday night as usual :)

Monday Updates

Happy Monday all!
New Progressive & Deep House mix is up for your enjoyment on the usual spots.

Tuesday we’ll be concluding our 2nd play through of Resident Evil 2 with Claire. More game suggestions are always welcome
Trance Thursday will return on the show this week!

A few more live events coming up this year and a slow much needed sprucing up of the studio.

Thanks for your support as always!

TunesTuesday & Game Stream

Happy Tuesday folks! As usual, we forgot to do our weekly upload yesterday so:

Special UK Hard House – Cheeky Tracks edition

Episode 258 – UK Hard House Cheeky Tracks Special
1. Digital Mafia & Ben Warren – Heap Big Fun
2. James Valentine – Be Myself (VIP Remix)
3. Rick James & Cat – Our Love
4. Alan Sharky – Evolved
5. Drake Liddell – That Is Mine
6. Griffiths & Dodd – Right Here
7. Rick James & General Bounce – Cant Have You
8. Groove Control – Let You Go (Snail Remix)
9. DJ Saber – Hide Da Reefa
10. Brendan Ashley & Dave Owens – Carlton (Vandalize Remix)
11. Filthykitten VS Random But Raw – Papa Johns Revenge
12. Dale West – Phil Da Beet
13. Elivate & Rownz – Fly Away
14. Matt Wade & Joe Swales – Intagalactic
15. Leighton Smith & Jenni G – Journey 2
16. Rob Oakley & Rob Tissera – Alright

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Hey folks! I had a dumb idea… why not post the tracklists of the shows here as well… derp!
Lots going on already this year so stay tuned!!!

Weekly schedule:

Tomorrow evening: More Resident Evil 2!
Thursday: UK Hard House comes back in rotation!
Bonus (upcoming): Live recording from my live set at the Revel last Friday!

Have a great week everyone

Episode 257 – Funky & Disco House
1. Smoove & Turrell – There for Me (Valique Remix)
2. Josh Butler – Feels Good Feat HanLei (Extended Mix)
3. Paolo Bardelli – Dont Mess
4. Dian Solo & Eva Maria – Chain of Fools
5. Bottai & Daddy’s Groove – Free Feat Mingue (Boris Smith Extended Remix)
6. Dian Solo & Donny Marano & Tania Marissa – Trippin
7. Luca Sgarro – Love Your Sax
8. Tasha LaRei – Ready (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgens Remix)
9. HiFi – Lost Without U Feat Sean Paris (Extended Mix)
10. Selace – So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousee T’s Extended Disco Shizzle)
11. Dvit Bousa & Rio Dela Duna – My Life (The Cube Guys Edit)
12. Mirko Boni – Conga
13. Slideback – 1974
14. Block & Crown – You Started This Fire
15. Crazibiza – Everybody Dance
16. Hoxton Whores & HTXN – Heads Up
17. Disco Incorporated – Bass the Dust
18. Mele & Shovell – Pasilda
19. Miami Dub Machine – Bunga Bug
20. Audio Jacker – The Boogie
21. Simioli – Ghetto Funk
22. Popcorn Poppers – Come Together
23. Crazibiza & Jerome Robbins – Your Love (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix)
24. Angelo Ferreri, Jonk & Spook – Cant Get Enough

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Happy 2019!

Welcome to the “blade runner year” XD
Looking forward to continuing with all of you on another great year with that thing I do on the side

We will continue with the Tuesday game streams and Thursday music days since those seem to work with my schedule.

Always up for more suggestions! We’re in the process of setting up the new mic. Once the new webcam gets here, I’ll get that setup and re purpose the current one for something else.

Will be doing more local live sets as well! Keep an eye on my FB page or twitter for those announcements!

Thanks for sticking with me another year

Radio Classic

Another Top 40 Club Radio Classic show posted!
However, it’s not Episodes 28, 31, and 34… it’s actually Episodes 42 & 46. I forgot to change the title lol

More of Alan Wake tomorrow but NO SHOW Thursday! I’ll be away at our annual National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie Quote A Long.

See you next week for our double dose as usual!

Lost Episodes and games!

Episode 254 was a bust after a bad week, however we made up for it on Saturday evening!

Continuing our adventures with Alan Wake on Tuesday evenings. Almost got through it, so feel free to offer a game suggestion for the next run!
See you Thursday for another (hopefully) great show 😉

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re back this week to our regularly scheduled programming! So far the Tuesday game stream is going quite well! If there are any other games you’d like me to try, please let me know.

Deep and Progressive House is back this Thursday on the show!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving or a great Thursday if you didn’t celebrate it here in the states!

Tunes, Streaming, and Happy Thanksgiving

TunesTuesday is up with our disco house show from last week. Tune in tonight at the usual show time for the second part of my playthrough of Alan Wake.

No show this Thursday as we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Centrifugal Force to yours

Trance slays once more

You ask, we listen! Trance back once more by popular demand.

Shows uploaded to the usual places. Going to try to stream games Tuesday evenings from now on since folks enjoyed that during our charity stream.

Also, I have no more excuses as to why it’s not setup

TunesTuesday & Extra Life this weekend!

Heya folks,

As usual things have been crazy busy here. Last week’s deep house show is posted and we’re gearing up for extra life this upcoming weekend!

Please see my announcement below for details on how you can help:

Heya folks! You may have seen things floating around regarding a charity event I am a part of. It’s called Extra Life and it’s all about helping sick kids! All proceeds go towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and their partners. Things like cancer, leukemia, and other illnesses should be the last thing on a kids mind. My folks have BOTH dealt with cancer so this cause hits very close to home!

Please click here (https://www.extra-life.org/participant/317633) to help the many kids out that need it! Even 5$ will go a LONG way!

I plan on joining some friends on Nov 3rd for a 24 hour game stream. But if you cannot make that, no worries. Just donating here helps out more than you can imagine!

Thank you for your time

Been sick

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. I got hit with a nasty physical virus last week and was laid up since Monday. Not fun…

So the new hard house is up and ready for you! We will also be back this week with another great show!
Thanks for listening as always <3

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