Sorry for my absence! My co-worker at the day job had a baby and I’ve had to pull double duty. I’m still waiting on the news from the club for Episode 200… if I dont hear anything soon, I’ll be sure to figure something else epic out :)

I’m always up for suggestions. I’ll do my best to post the unofficial shows shortly!

Thank you for the support

First ever vocal trance show

We’re still waiting to go big or go home for episode 200. However, folks seem to enjoy hearing me not screw up the past shows.
Episode 4, our first ever vocal trance special will be remastered tomorrow evening!
9PM*EST -> Mixify (for now) 😉


Hey guys, I’ve had a really rough week. Worst case I may just re-record last week’s show tonight sometime. Something borked with the recording and I lost it.
If I do anything, I’ll let those interested know so you can tune in if you wish.
How are you guys enjoying the shows so far?

Thank you folks!

Thank you for tuning in for our soft vocals this week! If you havent already downloaded the Valentines Day set, please check out the posts! I’ll have the usual site updated a bit later on.
Also mixcloud!
Have a great weekend!

Setsucon 2016

Bringing back the WAO138 heat this year for my residency at my old alma mater. Who will I see there?! I’ll be performing Saturday night after JR. Please say hello after the show!
Tune in tomorrow for some form of a warm up show :)

9PM*EST -> Mixify

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