Recording issue and April Fool’s Show

So where’s the recording from last week? Well…

I needed to check on what I thought were some electrical issues in my PC tower prior to the show. This entailed me completely re-wiring the whole thing just for organizations sake. Little did I know that this also reset my internal sound settings. So the line in was already maxed when I recorded the show last week…. oops!

Hence the distortion and crappy recording. We will be re-broadcasting this show this week as part of an “April Fool’s” segment and to bring back our Centrifugal Force – The Lost Episodes as well.

Sorry guys! Gives me one more pre-show check to do from now on!
I am also still getting great feedback on twitch! Please keep it coming!

We are also, slowly transitioning to a trance show due to popular demand! Please keep the feedback on the genre(s) coming!

Vocal Trance Returns this week!

Tomorrow night, everyone’s favorite genre, vocal trance returns to the Centrifugal Force! Lots of great new uplifting and energetic stuff this week! I’m really excited for this one, and we might even go over our 2 hour usual time slot to boot!
Hope to see all of you on the stream tomorrow night at 9PM*EST

Keeping up with the shows

Since we’ve been back on the air, I’ve been doing my best to keep you guys up to date on the past shows.

I’m just uploading last week’s show now, so expect to see them over the weekend or Monday night at the latest.

They are available here, on my facebook page, or my mixcloud… and always for free :)


See you Thursday night for our most popular rotation – Trance & Uplifting!

UK Hardcore making its comeback this Thursday!

Centrifugal Force is going strong on Twitch! We’re back once again Thursday at 9PM*EST with all new UK Hardcore to make you bounce!
See you later this week!!!

Also, feel free to download the new shows on the updated Archives page :)
Also can be found on Facebook -> DJZingOfficial

Twitter -> DJZing

Mixcloud ->DJZing

All links are at the top of the main page for your convenience

Let’s Play HOUSE!

It feels good to be back! So tonight, we go back to where it all started… house music!
A tad more reserved atmosphere tonight compared to last week, however, I’m sure you folks will enjoy!


Episode 200 Comeback Special

I’d say that was a pretty good comeback special! Thank you to everyone who tuned in live! I will be posting the recording here, as well as on mixcloud, and the facebook fan page for your listening pleasure.
See you next Thursday for a normal 2 hour show.
Be good to each other!
Good night and good luck

Centrifugal Force

2 days away!!!

twitch.tv/DJ_Zing -> 9PM*EST -> 1AM*EST

Please come and enjoy my weekly show and release from this game called life! I will be with you for a wonderful 4 hours bringing the best of vocal and uplifting trance!


Why do we fall? So we learn to pick ourselves back up


Things have been hectic to say the least here. I am finally all setup in the studio and have configured everything for our new medium…not to mention getting free time again!

The Centrifugal Force officially returns Thursday, February 24th @9PM(EST)! I have updated the link to the new show on my twitch channel on the front page as well as the listen live link. I hope you are pleasantly surprised with our new setup and show format! We are moving to a 2 hour weekly show block for now. I’ll see if this is feasible weekly… if not, I will go to a bi-weekly show.

Our comeback special will be a 4 hour nonstop mix of WAO138?!, vocal, and uplifting trance, all similar to the Punta Cana mix I posted awhile ago.

The main announcements are done via my DJZingOfficial page on facebook, so please give that a like to stay on top of my events.

I will also be making a mailing list to send out the promotional batch of t shirts finally as well.

Thank you all for your continued support during my absence. Hope to see everyone on the 24th!!!



It’s been another busy month on my end…personal stuff, work, and life happenings etc.

However I’d like to announce some much needed changes here for the shows and myself to continue to be successful.

We’re going to be moving away from Mixify to a better known platform. The platform isnt very stable, I’m paying for it, and unfortunately its not very well known. I’ve been suggested Twitch, Facebook streaming, or YouTube streaming. This will take some time and research to do well, and until then I’ll be taking a break from the shows to get everything setup solid. I also plan to start doing some paid advertising to expand my listener base online. I have some other offers pending from folks to have my broadcasts aired on their stations.

Production needs to happen for me to get anywhere. I’ve stopped watching TV after work and need to get this done… period.

Local gigs and smaller venues will be kept to a private only audience so far. Same with conventions.

Thank you for the continued support over the years. It’s time to step things up for real!


Sorry for my absence! My co-worker at the day job had a baby and I’ve had to pull double duty. I’m still waiting on the news from the club for Episode 200… if I dont hear anything soon, I’ll be sure to figure something else epic out :)

I’m always up for suggestions. I’ll do my best to post the unofficial shows shortly!

Thank you for the support

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