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The beginning

Hailing from the United States, DJ Zing was born in Pennsylvania on July 20th, 1984. His mother always said, "At a young age, he had a fascination for things that spun"... which would explain why he pursued an interest in vinyl records shortly after high school. "I always enjoyed early electronic music and the sounds from the early 90's. Eventually, I'd listen to enough DJs and simply say - Why can't I do this?" Zing started with 2 Technic 1200s and an old Stanton 3 channel mixer he got from eBay that he setup in his parents' basement. Zing's Mom remembers, "He'd go down there and we wouldn't see him, but we would HEAR him, for hours".

When Zing isn't at his full time IT job, he's usually behind the decks. In the past 10 years , he's been operating as a private DJ out of his home studio and has played events all over the East Coast. He's played for conventions, college events, and private parties. Most notably, Zing is the resident DJ for the largest annual block party in Brooklyn, NY which is attended by corporate graphic designers, actors, comedians, and writers for Saturday Night Live. Zing's major influences for his craft include DJs such as Armin Van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, and DJ Doboy.

The Centrifugal Force

Aside from Zing's live performances, his weekly, hour-long radio show "The Centrifugal Force" has been going strong for years. Originating from a talk / radio show that Zing started in college, The Centrifugal Force reaches 12 countries and roughly 150 listeners every Thursday night. Featuring Top 40 Club, UK Hardcore, UK Hard House, and Trance... the show offers a type of music for just about everyone. Recently he has incorporated a live video feed to the show after listener request! The Centrifugal Force continues to be a show worth hearing globally! All shows are recorded and can be downloaded free from the official site.

Neos Imperalis Records

Coming soon, Zing's future record label, Neos Imperalis Records. "When you have the craft of DJ'ing down, there's really only one other way you can go... production." Zing promises a new and unique sound but is still undecided on the style of the music he is creating. "I enjoy old school sounds mixed with new school electro beats as well as chip tune stuff. Although house and trance are always a welcome and familiar sound people enjoy... so we'll see!" The label is scheduled to be officially launched by the end of 2013.

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