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100 followers on twitch!

Thanks to your continued support, we’ve hit 100 followers on twitch! Whereas, by internet standards, that’s not much… considering I haven’t been on there for that long means something! New music is up from last week See you Thursday night!

Time for a break…

Belay that… I’m having trouble focusing and getting things ready last minute. I’d rather put out a quality show than garbage. It’s been a rough week… I think I need a break. I’ll be back next week / possibly over the weekend. Sorry folks!

Trance slays it again on the show!

Twitch loves trance! And we love twitch! Thanks for the continued support from the Trance Family over on Twitch! Playing around with a bit snazzier overlay for the channel… stay tuned for that! Baby steps… See you Thursday night!!

Rotation Starts again – Downtempo & Chill

We return to our regularly scheduled programming this week, so expect some funky / disco house unless we keep getting good suggestions for genres! Thanks to the viewers for suggesting we bring back chill & downtempo! Haven’t played that in over a year. Last week’s show posted to the usual places, see you Thursday night!

Setsucon 2018

Big up to everyone at Setsucon for the wonderful reception! (and for getting me the Mr Pibb for the green room) Always a wonderful place to play! We are BACK tomorrow night with Top 40 club CLASSICS!!! 9PM*EST on twitch!!! Live show recording and video highlights coming soon!

Setsucon this weekend!

Hoping for a great show this Saturday night! Please come see me live if you’re in the area: www.setsucon.com for more information Zing pres. The Centrifugal Force LIVE for a special 3 hour show UK Hardcore B2B Who’s Afraid of 138?! Will figure out some kinda show for this Thursday, however I may end up […]

New episode posted for #MusicMonday

First show of the new year! What a turnout! Please keep the amazing support coming! Last week’s show is in the usual places, so please go have a listen if you missed me last week. Don’t forget to come see me live at Setsucon at the end of the month! (https://setsucon.com/guests/) for details! Special ZING […]

Happy New Year!

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been in Australia for awhile, then back home to do the Christmas and New Year’s thing with family and friends. Some announcements: Huge thanks to the subscribers and donation folks over on Twitch! Made more than expected, so I will be rolling absolutely anything I […]

Double feature this week!

Check in soon for last week’s Disco House show and the recording of this week’s UK Hardcore episode! Please keep the support on twitch coming! We’ve been growing exponentially over the past 2 weeks, and I am excited to see that trend continue! Keep those requests coming!!!