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In Trance We Trust!

Last week’s trance show is available in our usual spots. Hoping everyone stateside had an excellent Labor Day weekend! Feedback is always welcomed! Please keep the genre suggestions coming!

Rotation continues

UK Hardcore from last week posted late as usual :p Not to worry! We’re back on schedule for this week’s show with everyone’s favorite genre (I think): Vocal & Uplifting Trance!

Back from mini vacation – Chill does it again!

Heya folks! Just got back today from a long weekend at the lake Always a nice relaxing time on the houseboat… Anyways! Let’s kick off MusicMonday with our Chill / Downtempo show from last week! Back once again by request, you guys backup the popularity of the more reserved genre

Been on vacation / sick

Haven’t posted here in awhile! WOW! Big apologies for that! Lots of stuff going on here though. Had a daily mini show this past week, minus this evening. It’s nice to be back on the air after vacation and being sick… Going to try some more chill / deep house for tomorrow’s show! Let’s see […]

MusicMonday is back…and so am I

Finally feeling better! UK Hardcore was lonely, so we brought him back for a much needed show last week! Check the archives for the track Please keep the suggestions for genres coming along! We love feedback here on the show and strive to give YOU what YOU want! See you Thursday night!!!

Virus! (Not the computer kind)

Been dealing with a nasty virus since Sunday. Going to and from work has been rough… I ended up staying home yesterday and going to the docs. Long story short: no show tonight. I need my rest for my Father’s 65th birthday this weekend. See you next week

Archives Updated

Episode 238 uploaded for your listening pleasure! Also, big shout to the folks for helping reach 1200 likes on the facebook page! Nice to see us growing as a family See you later this week for another great show!