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TunesTuesday & Game Stream

Happy Tuesday folks! As usual, we forgot to do our weekly upload yesterday so: Special UK Hard House – Cheeky Tracks edition Episode 258 – UK Hard House Cheeky Tracks Special ———– 1. Digital Mafia & Ben Warren – Heap Big Fun 2. James Valentine – Be Myself (VIP Remix) 3. Rick James & Cat […]


Hey folks! I had a dumb idea… why not post the tracklists of the shows here as well… derp! Lots going on already this year so stay tuned!!! Weekly schedule: Tomorrow evening: More Resident Evil 2! Thursday: UK Hard House comes back in rotation! Bonus (upcoming): Live recording from my live set at the Revel […]

Happy 2019!

Welcome to the “blade runner year” XD Looking forward to continuing with all of you on another great year with that thing I do on the side We will continue with the Tuesday game streams and Thursday music days since those seem to work with my schedule. Always up for more suggestions! We’re in the […]

Radio Classic

Another Top 40 Club Radio Classic show posted! However, it’s not Episodes 28, 31, and 34… it’s actually Episodes 42 & 46. I forgot to change the title lol More of Alan Wake tomorrow but NO SHOW Thursday! I’ll be away at our annual National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie Quote A Long. See you next […]

Lost Episodes and games!

Episode 254 was a bust after a bad week, however we made up for it on Saturday evening! Continuing our adventures with Alan Wake on Tuesday evenings. Almost got through it, so feel free to offer a game suggestion for the next run! See you Thursday for another (hopefully) great show 😉

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re back this week to our regularly scheduled programming! So far the Tuesday game stream is going quite well! If there are any other games you’d like me to try, please let me know. Deep and Progressive House is back this Thursday on the show! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving or a great Thursday […]

Tunes, Streaming, and Happy Thanksgiving

TunesTuesday is up with our disco house show from last week. Tune in tonight at the usual show time for the second part of my playthrough of Alan Wake. No show this Thursday as we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving from the Centrifugal Force to yours

Trance slays once more

You ask, we listen! Trance back once more by popular demand. Shows uploaded to the usual places. Going to try to stream games Tuesday evenings from now on since folks enjoyed that during our charity stream. Also, I have no more excuses as to why it’s not setup

TunesTuesday & Extra Life this weekend!

Heya folks, As usual things have been crazy busy here. Last week’s deep house show is posted and we’re gearing up for extra life this upcoming weekend! Please see my announcement below for details on how you can help: Heya folks! You may have seen things floating around regarding a charity event I am a […]

Been sick

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. I got hit with a nasty physical virus last week and was laid up since Monday. Not fun… So the new hard house is up and ready for you! We will also be back this week with another great show! Thanks for listening as always <3