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Unofficial Shows and Homestuck

Like everyone else, I’m stuck at home during this crisis. We did an “unofficial” show last week due to having to cancel and re-coordinate plans. My friends bachelor party in Las Vegas had to be postponed which threw a huge wrench in the works… The show is posted to my social media sites only so […]

Tunes Tuesday and Vegas-bound next week!

Good evening folks! Just a heads up, I will be away all next week so please tune into my auto hosted streams if you are able! It’s bachelor party time FINALLY, so I’ll be heading back out to Las Vegas for a fun mini week trip. Hopefully not getting quarantined there either! Tonight we have […]

Super late Wednesday!

Happy to announce that we had another wonderful guest mix on the show last week! My House Romance: https://www.mixcloud.com/myhouseromance/ Dropped a really nice Acid / Funky House set with me doing a B2B Trance sampler. Centrifugal Force Radio Classic this Thursday (tomorrow already because I’m so late with my updates) Hope everyone is having a nice […]

TunesTuesday… again!

Dayjob has been busy so I’ve been pretty switched off during the evenings… anyways! TunesTuesday back with our progressive show from last week: Episode 284 ———– 1. Eric Lune & Juan Sapia – Evolution 2. Chris Cargo – Coyote 3. Ryan Wallace (UK) – Floreat 4. D-Formation & GRAZZE – Imaray (Extended Mix) 5. DJ […]


UK Hard House show from last week! Blue alpine martini tonight on the bar chat as well as our usual rotation this Thursday evening! I’m now also on instagram (so I can forget to upload stuff there as well :p) Episode 283 ———— 1. Italo Bounce – The Joy of Music (The Joy of Bounce […]

Behind yet again

I have a problem getting everything posted on Monday it seems… Anyways! Trance Thursday show posted as usual. Looking like UK Hard House this Thursday evening! Episode 282 ———– 1. Activa & Julie Thompson – When the Mask Falls (Extended Mix) 2. Miroslav Virlik – Resurrection (Extended Mix) 3. Xijaro & Pitch – Sfeer (Extended […]

Way behind with updates

So we’re crazy behind as usual with updates. Seems the bar chat is still attracting folks on Tuesday nights, so if you’re looking for some non music stuff… tune in and learn how to make a drink! Episode 281 (NOT 279) is now uploaded for your listening pleasure. We will also be migrating our show […]

Welcome to 2020!

Wow, we’re really late getting back to everyone here. And since we’re so late, treating everyone to a double post as well since I’m so far behind. First stop of the new decade is Progressive House on Episode 280 Episode 280 ———– 1. GMJ – Mystic Sea (Original Mix) 2. Platunoff – Space Shaded (Ge […]

TranceThursday & Pre Christmas Schedule

Last week’s Trance show is up and ready for all to enjoy. Pouring another drink tomorrow evening for our Zing bar chat session which seemed to go over really well last week! Here’s hoping we keep getting more thirsty patrons willing to share a drink and an evening. We will not be having a show […]

Disco & The Zing Bar

Episode 278 from last week is now posted for #TunesTuesday Tonight we’re trying something new and opening up the Zing Bar to the internet. Folks are welcome to tune in, share a drink and a quiet conversation. We’ll see how things go… See you this Thursday for more of our normal musical entertainment Episode 278 […]