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Job Slump

Dayjob quit me a few weeks ago and we’re still recovering / looking for a new one. Unfortunately, it has affected my sleep schedule so I apologize for the lateness of this post. Radio Classic posted for your listening enjoyment! Glad to see people have been enjoying Black Mesa on our gaming stream <3 Not […]

9 minutes late!

Ok! So it’s TECHNICALLY not Monday anymore :p I proudly present Episode 268 – Trance Thursday for your listening pleasure Here’s our schedule for this week: Tuesday – Throwback to a classic: Black Mesa (Half Life Remix) Wednesday – Hang out / show prep Thursday – Radio Classic Episode 268 ———– 1. Lostly & Solarstone […]

Another late update

Heya folks, A bit of a life update for those of you not on the streams… I got laid off from my day job recently which has been putting a lot of stress on me lately. I’m still doing the best I can to bring you content each week though! Tonight we’ll FINALLY try to […]

Lack of Monday

Sorry for the lack of content / streams this week guys. Been dealing with a tough week and I just let things slip. See you tomorrow for Hard House! Back to the roots! Anyhoo, our MusicMonday is here on… Wednesday :p Progressive and Chill for your enjoyment Episode 266 ———— 1. Genius of Time – […]

Post Memorial Day Update

Episode 265 is uploaded for your listening pleasure! Hollow Knight is just about finished, so I’m all ears for new game suggestions for Tuesdays! Come chill and show prep Wednesday nights is still a thing! Here’s where you can directly impact the future shows as they’re being made! Episode 265 ———– 1. AFO – Dont […]

1154EST! It’s still Monday!

I made it on time :p Submitted for your approval: Extended Episode 264 from last Thursday Tomorrow we’ll try to do a better, more planned out run of Hollow Knight (so I’m not just running around aimlessly) Wednesday show prep / chill will stick around since folks seem to enjoy that Thursday we’ll do some […]

Been awhile!

Hey folks! We’re growing slow and steady on Twitch! So if you haven’t already followed me on there (or have told your friends about me) please do! Tonight is more Hollow Knight Wednesdays have been reserved for a chill / show prep stream Thursday we’re coming back with another Trance Thursday! Exclusive show is now […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrated / observed over the past weekend! Music Monday is here! We rolled back the wheel of time and resurrected a radio classic last week. Tuesday is looking like more Outward or a bullet hell game. Thursday I will be away for Avengers Infinity War Endgame Depending on how busy […]

Chill Out!

Chill and Progressive house shows up this week and gets the German seal of approval! Huge shout to the fans in the land of Porsche! Hollow Knight will be replaced tomorrow evening by Outward. An open world RPG that I will be dual streaming with the guy who got me into twitch. I also received […]

UK Hardcore – 262

UK Hardcore makes a triumphant return on the show! One of my go to places for the music went down a long time ago… but still we persevere! Thank you for requesting the genre to come back. We had a great reception and I had a lot of fun playing this again! TunesTuesday this week […]