Approaching milestone – Episode 300

Been doing a lot of reflecting on the show and things lately…

Enjoy episode 299 until we get our stuff together for 300.
Thank you for the support over the years!

Episode 299 – UK Hard House
1. DJ Carlo – All By Myself
2. DJ Pulse & DJ Oscar – Survive
3. Micky Modelle & Friday Night Posse – You’re A Superstar (Extended Mix)
4. Dave Invade – A Land Down Under (A Side Remix)
5. Jamie B – Game of Love (DJ Chris Davies Remix)
6. The Bounce Bross Feat Kaylegh O’Neil – Fast Car (Extended Mix)
7. Kritikal Mass VS Missy M – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Extended Mix)
8. DJ Carlo – Holding Out for a Hero
9. DJ Oscar & Sergio Caubal – Dont Leave Me (Zero Range Remix)
10. Starman & Fur-B – Why Did I Believe
11. Energy Syndicate – Aint No Stoppin Us Now
12. Groove Control – About Us
13. Digital Mafia & Gaz F – Old & Haggard
14. One Foot in the Rave – Bring You Joy
15. DJ Chiki – Cry For U
16. Bounce Enforcerz – For U (DJ Oscar Remix)
17. Random But Raw – Head Hackers
18. M-Series – Medusa
19. Nova Scotia & DJ Pulse – Angels Feat Donna Marie (DJ Oscar Remix)
20. Daisy & Miric – Somebody to Someone
21. Zentral Brothers Feat Bikro Digg – Wonderful Life

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. – Thomas Campbell

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