Wow… did I ever drop the ball here!

Extremely far behind on uploads and the like…
Anyways! We’re finally back to having a more regular scheduled upload system so hopefully there won’t be any more crazy lapses like that. If you follow me on my FB / twitter, you’ll see a bit more activity.

Regardless, I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. House and disco up for grabs this week! You know where to find em :)
See you Tuesday for a drink and a chat, and we’ll give you some tunes Thursday night as ususal

Episode 294

1. Mazai – Disco Babe
2. Re-Tide – Be Free (Extended Mix)
3. Block & Crown & Martina Budde – What a Fool Believes
4. Sam Shelley – Groove It Feat GOUX (Yam Who Studio 54 Tribute Instrumental Mix)
5. George Calle & Havana Hustlers – You & I Forever (Savage Disco Remix)
6. Alan Junior & Discotron – Feel the Vibe
7. The Sunburst Band – New York City Woman (Mickey Moore & Andy Tee Jazz Mix)
8. Dutchican Soul – Raise It Up Feat Karmini Dai & Mr V (Club Mix)
9. Block & Crown – Thinkin of You Feat Nola Berg
10. Earth & Days & Used Disco – Hypnotize
11. Laurent Sharck – If I cant have you (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)
12. Dancing Divaz & K69 – Feeling the love
13. DJ Fopp – Groovin the groove
14. Laurent Simca – Fuego
15. Marvin Aloys – Let Me Love You (Earth N Days Remix)
16. The Oddictions – Without You
17. Antoine Clamaran & Agua Sin Gas – Good for Me
18. Rino DJ – Girls & Boys
19. Crazibiza & Czak – Sun Goes Down (Eartn N Days Remix)
20. Noizu – Summer 91 (Extended Mix)
21. False Rumors & Rubber People – In the House
22. Santaraini & Milk Bar – Manhattan
23. Modegroove – Rhuumba (The Cube Guys Remix)
24. Block & Crown & Martina Budde – Let the Music Play
25. Luca Debonaire & Marc Rousso – Talkin to you
26. Chris Montana & DJ Wady – Built Up
27. Kate Wild & Nicola Fasano – Finally (Craibiza Remix)

I’m sick of following my dreams man. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with em later – Mitch Hedburg

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