Show cancelled most likely

Hurricane knocked out my power. Most likely will not have it back in time to do a show, however, I will be doing some lost episodes this weekend. Stay tuned for those feeds.

How do you like the site changes?

UK Hard House Vinyl Classic Show!

Ya know those round black things you spin and they play music? Well here at Centrifugal Force… we still like it OLDSCHOOL!
UK Hard House vinyl classic show tomorrow night! 7-10PM (EST)
Feed may start a little late tomorrow

Last minute cancellation

I’m postponing tomorrows show until next week. That dayjob thing needs me short notice and I need to do some additional preparations for this weekends club crawl. As always, apologies and see you all next week for hard house! Either getting more new or might do a vinyl classic show.

Stay tuned for upcoming live show dates and website updates!

Thanks for the support!

Centrifugal Force – THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! A weekly global force! Thanks to YOU! See you next week!

Stay tuned for site updates, past mixes, and some upcoming places where you can see me LIVE!